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We are building the next generation business helper on the web, we are focused on many fields, regarding where you live the following services are available.

Arrowat Web Directory

Check our Web directory

List your website on Arrowat Web Directory. We offer you the following:

  • Your Website Title
  • Your Website Description
  • Your Website URL
  • Your Social Media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Single page for your website information
  • Link directly to the single page of your website information on our web directory.
    This direct link increase the visibility of your website on search engines.
  • Arrowat Web Directory Badge linked from your website to your Arrowat Web Directory page as following.

    maintained by Arrowat

Before you buy the service make sure your website meet the following:


  1. Your website is safe to visit.
  2. Your website must be accessible to anyone.
  3. Websites with adult content (Age restricted) are not allowed to be on our web directory at this time.


  1. Business
  2. Music
  3. Entertainment
  4. Technology

If you have any question about the requiriments please Contact us.


$2.00 USD


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*We use PayPal for our Subscription payment options.

Once you subcribe for the service, we will communicate with you to the Email Id you provided to paypal when paid for the service, once you provide the iformation of your website and social media links, will setup the Web Directory for your Website.
if you have any question about our services you can Contact us we will happy to answer your questions.