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We create apps for different platforms like Windows 10, Android, iPhone and websites, we develop quality products by now we are focused on create apps for all platforms, We hope you enjoy our variety of apps we have developed till now.

Arrowat Encryptor

Encrypt important text that can only be read by the people who has the decryptor key you share with or can be decrypted just by yourself. Arrowat Encryptor provides the way to save the encrypted content to file with a separated encrypted key that is used to decrypt the content.

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Arrowat POS System

Arrowat POS System is a complete Point Of Sales Software application that has been developed at the top of Windows 10, the software works on any Windows 10 device, you may use a laptop, a desktop pc or tablet.

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Arrowat Label Creator

Arrowat Label Creator help you to create labels signs with images and pen drawing. Create a scalable size text without moving the location where it is placed, create labels for product prices, large signs and print them.

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JavaScript Studio

Develop apps on your mobile phone coding JavaScript, Css, HTML5.
If you are learning how to code JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript Studio is for you, the small code you write in this app can be saved, you can modify it later or continue adding more code to the app you create.

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Arrowat Workforce

Keep Tracking your working time using Arrowat Workforce, Control your payroll to employees on your company or organization, If you are a self employee the app can help you to maintain how much you earn on your shift. easy to use and it is managed just by you.

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Virtual Language

Virtual Language allows you to create a language based on your alphabet, you can create unlimited languages.
It works like a translator on your mind, if you are creative you can create a language using signs or letters even numbers.

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All Products

We are constantly creating apps and making changes to them, our products are intended to all people in general, we try to adapt all features to work for companies, organization and individual people, we love to see that our apps are helping many of you. we create what we think will help you to solve problems. please check our products for more information.

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Web development

We create professional websites for you no matter where you live, you can tell us how the design you want and we create it for you. our websites are great for : Business, Music, Artist, Personal and for anyone who want to be on the web. our websites run on a server so we host it there for you, there is no reason to worry about how it is handle we keep it monitored. our website price are based on how your design and development request is, we make sure you get the lowest price be cause we know how to develop it and we do it faster. if you don't have a domain name we can register it for you and configure it for your website, the following list includes our package depending on your website needs, you can skip services if you don't need it and make your own package.

Websites Include

  • Web Design and Development.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Arrowat Web Directory.
  • SEO (Serach Engine Optimization).
  • Fast Loading.

Platform Technology

  • ASP.NET Core
  • C# Back end
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • CSS


  • Domain name registration.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Personal and Business e-mails
  • SQL Server Database
  • Turn your website on mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows 10.

Custom Project

Do you have a Project on mind? Request a custom project information. Custom project are great for Business, Artist and Organizations. We develop a website that includes C# back end code, SQL Server Database, Entity Framework core, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS.
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