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School Zone for Windows 10

School Zone helps you keep student information at school in a local database, i.e. the information you enter is saved on the computer that has installed the app, add students you want, you can edit your information if desired, Create Grades, Classroom of classes belonging to the school, once you create the classrooms you can add the students who cross the subjects taught in that classroom, the subjects are added to the corresponding teachers. School Zone is like the virtual school. School Zone can be used by Schools, Universities, Music Teachers, English Teachers or individual organizations that teach people. Use School Zone to save your students' information.
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School Zone Features

  • Add Unlimited Students.
  • Add Unlimited Teachers.
  • Add Unlimited Classes.
  • Add Major/Level.
  • Add Classrooms.
  • Add Student Evaluations.
  • Evaluation Percentages.
  • Save Evaluation Report.
  • Print Evaluation Report.
  • View Students List.
  • Search Student.
  • Language: Spanish
  • Language: English