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Arrowat Workforce uses SQLITE Local Database Engine to store data. Arrowat Workforce is a time card app and offer complete Working hours by day and generate report by date range selected, allowing you to calculate how much the employee has earned by the end of the day, week or date range. You can add as many employees as you need.
Arrowat Workforce has been developed to help all needs on your business and can be used by individual People, Organization, Stores, Freelancers. It doesn't require suscription or internet connection to work with.

Arrowat Workforce is managed just by you, when you install the app, it creates a local database where all data you input is stored.

Pricing & OS Features


iPad, iPhone, Universal

Sale $18.99

Reg $39.99 USD



Sale $18.99

Reg $39.99 USD

Windows 11/10

Mobile, Tablet, PC, Universal


Register Employees.
Register work positions
Register Company and company profiles.
Clock (puncher).
Clock Setting.
Create work schedules. __ __
Clock Report.
Payment Report. __ __
Export Clock Report.
Backup Database.
Login Option.
Unlimited User Accounts
Create user accounts.
Payment Time option. __ __
Signature Option if you decide to save a payment you made to employee. __ __
Standalone Hour Calculator. __ __
Employee id Card Creator. __ __
Print employee id cards. __ __
Network Connection. __ __
Send clock data over network. __ __
Full screen mode.
Resposinve Design for mobile and Desktop devices.
Style that makes the app confortable.
Personal or business usage.
Add unlimited data.
🔥 One time payment.

*-Arrowat Workforce is one time payment on each store, app updates are included.