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Playing internet radio station

We are going to create a SubPlayer Stream file, after we finished it, you will know how to create this file and how it will allow your listeners to use SubPlayer app with a very good interface about your radio station. Before to create the Stream file the following information about the radio station is needed.

  • Stream Name
    This is the name of the radio station or broadcaster media, this name is shows in the playlist items, when you load media stream files
  • Stream URL
    The URL or IP address that the radio station uses to stream audio or video
  • Stream Genre
    The genre of the media stream, if the media stream is radio station you can write the genre depending the type of music it plays
  • Stream Logo
    This is the Stream logo, this must be a valid URL, SubPlayer shows this logo in the MediaStream playlist.
  • Stream Country
    The Stream is broadcasting from somewhere, Write the country here.
  • Stream WebSite
    This is the website of the broadcasting media, This must be a valid URL.
  • Stream Comments
    Additional Comment, you can write comments about the broadcaster media. An example is a radio station that has show times you can write it here however it depends on what you want to show.

Now we have all information about the radio station, Let start. If you don't have SubPlayer app intalled you can install it for free from windows 10 store
  • Open SubPlayer App
  • From Menu Tap Add New Media Stream
A Modal box will be displayed write the following information as is show.

: Radio Station Name
: Radio Station URL or IP address
: Radio Station Type Ex: Reggaeton, Rap, Classic.
: Radio Station Logo URL (Website url)
: Ex: United States, El Salvador, Mexico.
: Radio Station Website.
: Comment about the radio station.

Tap Add Media Stream
On NAME THIS FILE write the radio station name
Tap Done to save the stream file.

Now you have created the stream file from the menu tap Media Streams to load all streams you have created, On the playlist look for RowFm tap it to play the radio station.
If you are broadcaster you can Upload this file to your website to allow your listener listen your Radio Station using subplayer app.
Here is the file that we have created if you tap it now the file will be downloaded, Tap this file and SubPlayer will be opening playing it. of course if SubPlayer is not installed on the device when the user tap this file to open then a Open With dialog will be displayed, since SubPlayer owns this file extension (.subps) the user will be able to search the app in windows store.

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