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SubPlayer Privacy

SubPlayer Allows to share Content you have created like Subtitles and Media Stream files. You as a user have the control to who you share the files you create, SubPlayer app does not share anything without the user consent. We don't take and we don't share any personal information from any user.
The following task are performed by SubPlayer

  1. SubPlayer allows to listen music you own and you have stored on your device.
  2. SubPlayer helps you to create subtitles for songs. You can create subtitles for media files including music, movies or content you own, SubPlayer Creates this files in a formatted text. Subtitles files can be saved in different format Like SubRip(.srt), Lyrics(.lrc) and SubPlayer(.subp).
    SubPlayer(.subp) Extension is owned by SubPlayer app and this type of file is registered on your device when you install the app. it is well formatted when you create it using SubPlayer.
  3. SubPlayer allows to listen Media Stream from internet.
    This means you can listen Radio Stations, Video Streams if you have the URL from it or if the Broadcaster media gives it to you, You must be sure the URL or IP address is TRUSTED or you know this is a broadcaster media stream before set it to SubPlayer app.